The benefits of Metal Polishing

Why have metals polished ?

Metal polishing has been with us for decades and is a process that takes products made from base metal and turns them into finished items that we see every day. Without metal polishing the world would be a very dull and even brushed free place

As you can see from the gallery, normal metals be they mild steel for chromium plating or non-ferrous and stainless steel items, start life as dull and one could even say boring items.

Metal polishing takes the base metals, removes all imperfections – seams, scratches, surface skins, welds, etc and applies a bright or brushed finish as a base for electo-plating, heat treatment or as a fully finished item in stainless steel and non-ferrous goods.

From small screws to full shop-fits, cars, boats, planes electrical goods and every day household appliances, you are never far from an item that’s been or should be polished. This inexpensive additional process takes the cheap and cheerful and adds the “wow” factor that we have to come to expect.