Polished Metals for the Shop Fitting Sector

Goodband Polishing works with High Street brands

Goodbands continues to work in the Shop fitting sector where the products are polished and electro-plated for known high street brands such as Primark , Marks & Spencer and New Look.

Goodbands  also specialise in polishing furniture and various other bulk items.

This was, till recently completed by Midland Chromium Plating Co Ltd, however following a Compulsory Purchase Order on our old premises our plating supplier has ceased trading but we have managed to relocate the plating operations and can still offer a full polishing and chromium plating service with the same guaranteed quality and reliability and capacity and size as previously on one site under the same roof.

Goodbands also undertake work for the car trade working on components for heat treatment along with electro-plating. Polishers of all metals, we have staff experienced in all ferrous and non-ferrous polishing and would be prepared to advise and provide quotations on all trade work.

Proud to say “NO” We have learnt to work to our strengths and will only commit or undertake work within our remit and capabilities.